Provides a VMware vSphere virtual machine file resource. This can be used to upload files (e.g. vmdk disks) from the Terraform host machine to a remote vSphere. The file resource can also be used to copy files within vSphere. Files can be copied between Datacenters and/or Datastores.

Updates to file resources will handle moving a file to a new destination (datacenter and/or datastore and/or destination_file). If any source parameter (e.g. source_datastore, source_datacenter or source_file) are changed, this results in a new resource (new file uploaded or copied and old one being deleted).

Example Usages

Upload file to vSphere:

resource "vsphere_file" "ubuntu_disk_upload" {
  datacenter = "my_datacenter"
  datastore = "local"
  source_file = "/home/ubuntu/my_disks/custom_ubuntu.vmdk"
  destination_file = "/my_path/disks/custom_ubuntu.vmdk"

Copy file within vSphere:

resource "vsphere_file" "ubuntu_disk_copy" {
  source_datacenter = "my_datacenter"
  datacenter = "my_datacenter"
  source_datastore = "local"
  datastore = "local"
  source_file = "/my_path/disks/custom_ubuntu.vmdk"
  destination_file = "/my_path/custom_ubuntu_id.vmdk"

Argument Reference

If source_datacenter and source_datastore are not provided, the file resource will upload the file from Terraform host. If either source_datacenter or source_datastore are provided, the file resource will copy from within specified locations in vSphere.

The following arguments are supported:

  • source_file - (Required) The path to the file being uploaded from the Terraform host to vSphere or copied within vSphere.
  • destination_file - (Required) The path to where the file should be uploaded or copied to on vSphere.
  • source_datacenter - (Optional) The name of a Datacenter in which the file will be copied from.
  • datacenter - (Optional) The name of a Datacenter in which the file will be uploaded to.
  • source_datastore - (Optional) The name of the Datastore in which file will be copied from.
  • datastore - (Required) The name of the Datastore in which to upload the file to.
  • create_directories - (Optional) Create directories in destination_file path parameter if any missing for copy operation. *Note: Directories are not deleted on destroy operation.