The triton_machine resource represents a virtual machine or infrastructure container running in Triton.

Example Usages

Run a SmartOS base-64 machine.

resource "triton_machine" "test" {
    name = "example-machine"
    package = "g3-standard-0.25-smartos"
    image = "842e6fa6-6e9b-11e5-8402-1b490459e334"

    tags = {
        hello = "world"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (string) The friendly name for the machine. Triton will generate a name if one is not specified.

  • tags - (map) A mapping of tags to apply to the machine.

  • package - (string, Required) The name of the package to use for provisioning.

  • image - (string, Required) The UUID of the image to provision.

  • networks - (list of string) A list of the IDs of the desired networks for the machine.

  • firewall_enabled - (boolean) Default: false Whether the cloud firewall should be enabled for this machine.

  • root_authorized_keys - (string) The public keys authorized for root access via SSH to the machine.

  • user_data - (string) Data to be copied to the machine on boot.

  • user_script - (string) The user script to run on boot (every boot on SmartMachines).

  • administrator_pw - (string) The initial password for the Administrator user. Only used for Windows virtual machines.

Attribute Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - (string) - The identifier representing the firewall rule in Triton.
  • type - (string) - The type of the machine (smartmachine or virtualmachine).
  • state - (string) - The current state of the machine.
  • dataset - (string) - The dataset URN with which the machine was provisioned.
  • memory - (int) - The amount of memory the machine has (in Mb).
  • disk - (int) - The amount of disk the machine has (in Gb).
  • ips - (list of strings) - IP addresses of the machine.
  • primaryip - (string) - The primary (public) IP address for the machine.
  • created - (string) - The time at which the machine was created.
  • updated - (string) - The time at which the machine was last updated.