StatusCake Provider

The StatusCake provider allows Terraform to create and configure tests in StatusCake. StatusCake is a tool that helps to monitor the uptime of your service via a network of monitoring centers throughout the world

The provider configuration block accepts the following arguments:

  • username - (Required) The username for the statuscake account. May alternatively be set via the STATUSCAKE_USERNAME environment variable.

  • apikey - (Required) The API auth token to use when making requests. May alternatively be set via the STATUSCAKE_APIKEY environment variable.

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Example Usage

provider "statuscake" {
    username = "testuser"
    apikey = "12345ddfnakn"

resource "statuscake_test" "google" {
    website_name = ""
    website_url = ""
    test_type = "HTTP"
    check_rate = 300