Rundeck Provider

The Rundeck provider allows Terraform to create and configure Projects, Jobs and Keys in Rundeck. Rundeck is a tool for runbook automation and execution of arbitrary management tasks, allowing operators to avoid logging in to individual machines directly via SSH.

The provider configuration block accepts the following arguments:

  • url - (Required) The root URL of a Rundeck server. May alternatively be set via the RUNDECK_URL environment variable.

  • auth_token - (Required) The API auth token to use when making requests. May alternatively be set via the RUNDECK_AUTH_TOKEN environment variable.

  • allow_unverified_ssl - (Optional) Boolean that can be set to true to disable SSL certificate verification. This should be used with care as it could allow an attacker to intercept your auth token.

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Example Usage

provider "rundeck" {
    url = ""
    auth_token = "abcd1234"

resource "rundeck_project" "anvils" {
    name = "anvils"
    description = "Application for managing Anvils"

    ssh_key_storage_path = "${rundeck_private_key.anvils.path}"

    resource_model_source {
        type = "file"
        config = {
            format = "resourcexml"
            # This path is interpreted on the Rundeck server.
            file = "/var/rundeck/projects/anvils/resources.xml"

resource "rundeck_job" "bounceweb" {
    name = "Bounce Web Servers"
    project_name = "${}"
    node_filter_query = "tags: web"
    description = "Restart the service daemons on all the web servers"

    command {
        shell_command = "sudo service anvils restart"

resource "rundeck_public_key" "anvils" {
    path = "anvils/"
    key_material = "ssh-rsa yada-yada-yada"

resource "rundeck_private_key" "anvils" {
    path = "anvils/id_rsa"
    key_material = "${file(\"\")}"