The mysql_grant resource creates and manages privileges given to a user on a MySQL server.

Example Usage

resource "mysql_user" "jdoe" {
    user = "jdoe"
    host = ""
    password = "password"

resource "mysql_grant" "jdoe" {
    user = "${mysql_user.jdoe.user}"
    host = "${}"
    database = "app"
    privileges = ["SELECT", "UPDATE"]

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • user - (Required) The name of the user.

  • host - (Optional) The source host of the user. Defaults to "localhost".

  • database - (Required) The database to grant privileges on. At this time, privileges are given to all tables on the database (mydb.*).

  • privileges - (Required) A list of privileges to grant to the user. Refer to a list of privileges (such as here) for applicable privileges.

  • grant - (Optional) Whether to also give the user privileges to grant the same privileges to other users.

Attributes Reference

No further attributes are exported.