Creates a new bucket ACL in Google cloud storage service(GCS).

Example Usage

Example creating an ACL on a bucket with one owner, and one reader.

resource "google_storage_bucket" "image-store" {
  name     = "image-store-bucket"
  location = "EU"

resource "google_storage_bucket_acl" "image-store-acl" {
  bucket = "${}"

  role_entity = [

Argument Reference

  • bucket - (Required) The name of the bucket it applies to.

  • default_acl - (Optional) The canned GCS ACL to apply to future buckets. Must be set both role_entity and predefined_acl are not.

  • predefined_acl - (Optional) The canned GCS ACL to apply. Must be set if both role_entity and default_acl are not.

  • role_entity - (Optional) List of role/entity pairs in the form ROLE:entity. See GCS Bucket ACL documentation for more details. Must be set if both predefined_acl and default_acl are not.

Attributes Reference

Only the arguments listed above are exposed as attributes.