Manages a network route within GCE.

Example Usage

resource "google_compute_network" "foobar" {
  name       = "test"
  ipv4_range = ""

resource "google_compute_route" "foobar" {
  name        = "test"
  dest_range  = ""
  network     = "${}"
  next_hop_ip = ""
  priority    = 100

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • dest_range - (Required) The destination IPv4 address range that this route applies to.

  • name - (Required) A unique name for the resource, required by GCE. Changing this forces a new resource to be created.

  • network - (Required) The name of the network to attach this route to.

  • priority - (Required) The priority of this route, used to break ties.

  • next_hop_gateway - (Optional) The name of the internet gateway to route to if this route is matched.

  • next_hop_instance - (Optional) The name of the VM instance to route to if this route is matched.

  • next_hop_instance_zone - (Required when next_hop_instance is specified) The zone of the instance specified in next_hop_instance.

  • next_hop_ip - (Optional) The IP address of the next hop if this route is matched.

  • next_hop_vpn_tunnel - (Optional) The name of the VPN to route to if this route is matched.

  • project - (Optional) The project in which the resource belongs. If it is not provided, the provider project is used.

  • tags - (Optional) The tags that this route applies to.

Attributes Reference

In addition to the arguments listed above, the following computed attributes are exported:

  • next_hop_network - The name of the next hop network, if available.

  • self_link - The URI of the created resource.