Provides a DigitalOcean Block Storage volume which can be attached to a Droplet in order to provide expanded storage.

Example Usage

resource "digitalocean_volume" "foobar" {
    region      = "nyc1"
    name        = "baz"
    size        = 100
    description = "an example volume"

resource "digitalocean_droplet" "foobar" {
    name       = "baz"
    size       = "1gb"
    image      = "coreos-stable"
    region     = "nyc1"
    volume_ids = ["${}"]

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • region - (Required) The region that the block storage volume will be created in.
  • name - (Required) A name for the block storage volume. Must be lowercase and be composed only of numbers, letters and "-", up to a limit of 64 characters.
  • size - (Required) The size of the block storage volume in GiB.
  • description - (Optional) A free-form text field up to a limit of 1024 bytes to describe a block storage volume.

Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The unique identifier for the block storage volume.


Volumes can be imported using the volume id, e.g.

terraform import digitalocean_volume.volumea 506f78a4-e098-11e5-ad9f-000f53306ae1