Provides a VPC DHCP Options resource.

Example Usage

Basic usage:

resource "aws_vpc_dhcp_options" "dns_resolver" {
    domain_name_servers = ["", ""]

Full usage:

resource "aws_vpc_dhcp_options" "foo" {
    domain_name = "service.consul"
    domain_name_servers = ["", ""]
    ntp_servers = [""]
    netbios_name_servers = [""]
    netbios_node_type = 2

    tags {
        Name = "foo-name"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • domain_name - (Optional) the suffix domain name to use by default when resolving non Fully Qualified Domain Names. In other words, this is what ends up being the search value in the /etc/resolv.conf file.
  • domain_name_servers - (Optional) List of name servers to configure in /etc/resolv.conf.
  • ntp_servers - (Optional) List of NTP servers to configure.
  • netbios_name_servers - (Optional) List of NETBIOS name servers.
  • netbios_node_type - (Optional) The NetBIOS node type (1, 2, 4, or 8). AWS recommends to specify 2 since broadcast and multicast are not supported in their network. For more information about these node types, see RFC 2132.
  • tags - (Optional) A mapping of tags to assign to the resource.


  • Notice that all arguments are optional but you have to specify at least one argument.
  • domain_name_servers, netbios_name_servers, ntp_servers are limited by AWS to maximum four servers only.
  • To actually use the DHCP Options Set you need to associate it to a VPC using aws_vpc_dhcp_options_association.
  • If you delete a DHCP Options Set, all VPCs using it will be associated to AWS's default DHCP Option Set.

Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The ID of the DHCP Options Set.

You can find more technical documentation about DHCP Options Set in the official AWS User Guide.


VPC DHCP Options can be imported using the dhcp options id, e.g.

$ terraform import aws_vpc_dhcp_options.my_options dopt-d9070ebb