Provides an Elastic Load Balancer Attachment resource.

~> NOTE on ELB Instances and ELB Attachments: Terraform currently provides both a standalone ELB Attachment resource (describing an instance attached to an ELB), and an Elastic Load Balancer resource with instances defined in-line. At this time you cannot use an ELB with in-line instaces in conjunction with an ELB Attachment resource. Doing so will cause a conflict and will overwrite attachments.

Example Usage

# Create a new load balancer attachment
resource "aws_elb_attachment" "baz" {
  elb      = "${}"
  instance = ["${}"]

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • elb - (Required) The name of the ELB.
  • instance - (Required) Instance ID to place in the ELB pool.