Creates/deletes an issue in a Taiga Project Management Platform (U( ,An issue is identified by the combination of project, issue subject and issue type. ,This module implements the creation or deletion of issues (not the update).


taiga_host The hostname of the Taiga instance.
project Name of the project containing the issue. Must exist previously. true
subject The issue subject. true
issue_type The issue type. Must exist previously. true
priority The issue priority. Must exist previously.
status The issue status. Must exist previously.
severity The issue severity. Must exist previously.
description The issue description.
attachment Path to a file to be attached to the issue.
attachment_description 1. string describing the file to be attached to the issue.
tags 1. lists of tags to be assigned to the issue.
state Whether the issue should be present or not.
  • present
  • absent


Alejandro Guirao (@lekum)