Create and modify issues in a JIRA instance.


uri Base URI for the JIRA instance true
operation The operation to perform. true
  • create
  • commenteditfetchtransition
username The username to log-in with. true
password The password to log-in with. true
project The project for this operation. Required for issue creation.
summary The issue summary, where appropriate.
description The issue description, where appropriate.
issuetype The issue type, for issue creation.
issue An existing issue key to operate on.
comment The comment text to add.
status The desired status; only relevant for the transition operation.
assignee Sets the assignee on create or transition operations. Note not all transitions will allow this.
fields This is a free-form data structure that can contain arbitrary data. This is passed directly to the JIRA REST API (possibly after merging with other required data, as when passed to create). See examples for more information, and the JIRA REST API for the structure required for various fields.


Steve Smith (@tarka)