This module manipulates sysctl entries and optionally performs a C(/sbin/sysctl -p) after changing them.


name The dot-separated path (aka I(key)) specifying the sysctl variable. true
value Desired value of the sysctl key.
state Whether the entry should be present or absent in the sysctl file.
  • present
  • absent
ignoreerrors Use this option to ignore errors about unknown keys.
  • yes
  • no
reload If C(yes), performs a I(/sbin/sysctl -p) if the C(sysctl_file) is updated. If C(no), does not reload I(sysctl) even if the C(sysctl_file) is updated.
  • yes
  • no
sysctl_file Specifies the absolute path to C(sysctl.conf), if not C(/etc/sysctl.conf).
sysctl_set Verify token value with the sysctl command and set with -w if necessary
  • yes
  • no


David CHANIAL (@davixx)