Controls daemontools services on remote hosts using the svc utility.


name Name of the service to manage. true
state C(Started)/C(stopped) are idempotent actions that will not run commands unless necessary. C(restarted) will always bounce the svc (svc -t) and C(killed) will always bounce the svc (svc -k). C(reloaded) will send a sigusr1 (svc -u). C(once) will run a normally downed svc once (svc -o), not really an idempotent operation.
  • started
  • stoppedrestartedreloadedonce
downed Should a 'down' file exist or not, if it exists it disables auto startup. defaults to no. Downed does not imply stopped.
  • yes
  • no
enabled Wheater the service is enabled or not, if disabled it also implies stopped. Make note that a service can be enabled and downed (no auto restart).
  • yes
  • no
service_dir directory svscan watches for services
service_src directory where services are defined, the source of symlinks to service_dir.


Brian Coca (@bcoca)