Deploy given repository URL / revision to dest. If dest exists, update to the specified revision, otherwise perform a checkout.


repo The subversion URL to the repository. true
dest Absolute path where the repository should be deployed. true
revision Specific revision to checkout.
force If C(yes), modified files will be discarded. If C(no), module will fail if it encounters modified files. Prior to 1.9 the default was `yes`.
  • yes
  • no
`--username parameter passed to svn.`
`--password parameter passed to svn.`
executable Path to svn executable to use. If not supplied, the normal mechanism for resolving binary paths will be used.
export If C(yes), do export instead of checkout/update.
  • yes
  • no
switch If C(no), do not call svn switch before update.
  • yes
  • no


Dane Summers (@dsummersl)