Send a message to hipchat


token API token. true
room ID or name of the room. true
from Name the message will appear be sent from. max 15 characters. Over 15, will be shorten.
msg The message body. true
color Background color for the message. Default is yellow.
  • yellow
  • redgreenpurplegrayrandom
msg_format message format. html or text. Default is text.
  • text
  • html
notify notify or not (change the tab color, play a sound, etc)
  • yes
  • no
validate_certs If C(no), SSL certificates will not be validated. This should only be used on personally controlled sites using self-signed certificates.
  • yes
  • no
api API url if using a self-hosted hipchat server. For hipchat api version 2 use C(/v2) path in URI


WAKAYAMA Shirou (@shirou), BOURDEL Paul (@pb8226)