Send a message to a flowdock team inbox or chat using the push API (see and


token API token. true
type Whether to post to 'inbox' or 'chat' true
  • inbox
  • chat
msg Content of the message true
tags tags of the message, separated by commas
external_user_name (chat only - required) Name of the "user" sending the message
from_address (inbox only - required) Email address of the message sender
source (inbox only - required) Human readable identifier of the application that uses the Flowdock API
subject (inbox only - required) Subject line of the message
from_name (inbox only) Name of the message sender
reply_to (inbox only) Email address for replies
project (inbox only) Human readable identifier for more detailed message categorization
link (inbox only) Link associated with the message. This will be used to link the message subject in Team Inbox.
validate_certs If C(no), SSL certificates will not be validated. This should only be used on personally controlled sites using self-signed certificates.
  • yes
  • no


Matt Coddington (@mcodd)