Manages DNS records via the v2 REST API of the DNS Made Easy service. It handles records only; there is no manipulation of domains or monitor/account support yet. See: U(


account_key Accout API Key. true
account_secret Accout Secret Key. true
domain Domain to work with. Can be the domain name (e.g. "") or the numeric ID of the domain in DNS Made Easy (e.g. "839989") for faster resolution. true
record_name Record name to get/create/delete/update. If record_name is not specified; all records for the domain will be returned in "result" regardless of the state argument.
record_type Record type.
  • A
  • Record value. HTTPRED: , MX: , NS: , PTR: , SRV: , TXT:
  • If record_value is not specified; no changes will be made and the record will be returned in 'result' (in other words, this module can be used to fetch a record's current id, type, and ttl)
record_ttl record's "Time to live". Number of seconds the record remains cached in DNS servers.
state whether the record should exist or not true
  • present
  • absent
validate_certs If C(no), SSL certificates will not be validated. This should only be used on personally controlled sites using self-signed certificates.
  • yes
  • no


Brice Burgess (@briceburg)