This module allows you to create, modify and delete Zabbix screens and associated graph data.


server_url Url of Zabbix server, with protocol (http or https). true
login_user Zabbix user name. true
login_password Zabbix user password. true
timeout The timeout of API request (seconds).
  • List of screens to be created/updated/deleted(see example).
  • If the screen(s) already been added, the screen(s) name won't be updated.When creating or updating screen(s), C(screen_name), C(host_group) are required.When deleting screen(s), the C(screen_name) is required.The available states are: C(present) (default) and C(absent). If the screen(s) already exists, and the state is not C(absent), the screen(s) will just be updated as needed.


(@cove) ,Tony Minfei Ding ,Harrison Gu (@harrisongu)