This module allows you to create, modify and delete Zabbix host entries and associated group and template data.


server_url Url of Zabbix server, with protocol (http or https). true
login_user Zabbix user name, used to authenticate against the server. true
login_password Zabbix user password. true
  • Name of the host in Zabbix.
  • host_name is the unique identifier used and cannot be updated using this module.
host_groups List of host groups the host is part of.
link_templates List of templates linked to the host.
status Monitoring status of the host.
  • enabled
  • disabled
  • State of the host.
  • On C(present), it will create if host does not exist or update the host if the associated data is different.On C(absent) will remove a host if it exists.
  • present
  • absent
timeout The timeout of API request (seconds).
proxy The name of the Zabbix Proxy to be used
  • List of interfaces to be created for the host (see example below).
  • Available values are: dns, ip, main, port, type and useip.Please review the interface documentation for more information on the supported properties
force Overwrite the host configuration, even if already present
  • yes
  • no


(@cove) ,Tony Minfei Ding ,Harrison Gu (@harrisongu)