Send code deploy and annotation events to Stackdriver


key API key. true
event The type of event to send, either annotation or deploy
  • annotation
  • deploy
revision_id The revision of the code that was deployed. Required for deploy events
deployed_by The person or robot responsible for deploying the code
deployed_to The environment code was deployed to. (ie: development, staging, production)
repository The repository (or project) deployed
msg The contents of the annotation message, in plain text.  Limited to 256 characters. Required for annotation.
annotated_by The person or robot who the annotation should be attributed to.
level one of INFO/WARN/ERROR, defaults to INFO if not supplied.  May affect display.
  • INFO
instance_id id of an EC2 instance that this event should be attached to, which will limit the contexts where this event is shown
event_epoch Unix timestamp of where the event should appear in the timeline, defaults to now. Be careful with this.


Ben Whaley (@bwhaley)