Notify newrelic about app deployments (see


token API token, to place in the x-api-key header. true
app_name (one of app_name or application_id are required) The value of app_name in the newrelic.yml file used by the application
application_id (one of app_name or application_id are required) The application id, found in the URL when viewing the application in RPM
changelog 1. list of changes for this deployment
description Text annotation for the deployment - notes for you
revision 1. revision number (e.g., git commit SHA)
user The name of the user/process that triggered this deployment
appname Name of the application
environment The environment for this deployment
validate_certs If C(no), SSL certificates will not be validated. This should only be used on personally controlled sites using self-signed certificates.
  • yes
  • no


Matt Coddington (@mcodd)