This module uses rabbitMQ Rest API to create/delete queues


name Name of the queue to create true
  • Whether the queue should be present or absent
  • Only present implemented atm
  • present
  • absent
login_user rabbitMQ user for connection
login_password rabbitMQ password for connection
login_host rabbitMQ host for connection
login_port rabbitMQ management api port
vhost rabbitMQ virtual host
durable whether queue is durable or not
  • yes
  • no
auto_delete if the queue should delete itself after all queues/queues unbound from it
  • yes
  • no
message_ttl How long a message can live in queue before it is discarded (milliseconds)
auto_expires How long a queue can be unused before it is automatically deleted (milliseconds)
max_length How many messages can the queue contain before it starts rejecting
  • Optional name of an exchange to which messages will be republished if they
  • are rejected or expire
  • Optional replacement routing key to use when a message is dead-lettered.
  • Original routing key will be used if unset
arguments extra arguments for queue. If defined this argument is a key/value dictionary


Manuel Sousa (@manuel-sousa)