Manages filesystem user defined extended attributes, requires that they are enabled on the target filesystem and that the setfattr/getfattr utilities are present.


name The full path of the file/object to get the facts of true
key The name of a specific Extended attribute key to set/retrieve
value The value to set the named name/key to, it automatically sets the C(state) to 'set'
state defines which state you want to do. C(read) retrieves the current value for a C(key) (default) C(present) sets C(name) to C(value), default if value is set C(all) dumps all data C(keys) retrieves all keys C(absent) deletes the key
  • read
  • presentallkeysabsent
follow if yes, dereferences symlinks and sets/gets attributes on symlink target, otherwise acts on symlink itself.
  • yes
  • no


Brian Coca (@bcoca)