The M(unarchive) module unpacks an archive. By default, it will copy the source file from the local system to the target before unpacking - set copy=no to unpack an archive which already exists on the target..


  • If copy=yes (default), local path to archive file to copy to the target server; can be absolute or relative. If copy=no, path on the target server to existing archive file to unpack.
  • If copy=no and src contains ://, the remote machine will download the file from the url first. (version_added 2.0)
dest Remote absolute path where the archive should be unpacked true
copy If true, the file is copied from local 'master' to the target machine, otherwise, the plugin will look for src archive at the target machine.
  • yes
  • no
creates 1. filename, when it already exists, this step will B(not) be run. no
list_files If set to True, return the list of files that are contained in the tarball.
  • yes
  • no


Dylan Martin (@pileofrogs)