The M(shell) module takes the command name followed by a list of space-delimited arguments. It is almost exactly like the M(command) module but runs the command through a shell (C(/bin/sh)) on the remote node.


free_form The shell module takes a free form command to run, as a string. There's not an actual option named "free form". See the examples! true
creates 1. filename, when it already exists, this step will B(not) be run. no
removes 1. filename, when it does not exist, this step will B(not) be run. no
chdir cd into this directory before running the command
executable change the shell used to execute the command. Should be an absolute path to the executable.
warn if command warnings are on in ansible.cfg, do not warn about this particular line if set to no/false.


Ansible Core Team ,Michael DeHaan