Executes a low-down and dirty SSH command, not going through the module subsystem. This is useful and should only be done in two cases. The first case is installing C(python-simplejson) on older (Python 2.4 and before) hosts that need it as a dependency to run modules, since nearly all core modules require it. Another is speaking to any devices such as routers that do not have any Python installed. In any other case, using the M(shell) or M(command) module is much more appropriate. Arguments given to M(raw) are run directly through the configured remote shell. Standard output, error output and return code are returned when available. There is no change handler support for this module. ,This module does not require python on the remote system, much like the M(script) module.


free_form the raw module takes a free form command to run true
executable change the shell used to execute the command. Should be an absolute path to the executable.


Ansible Core Team ,Michael DeHaan