allows the addition, modification and deletion of ACL keys and associated rules in a consul cluster via the agent. For more details on using and configuring ACLs, see


name description required choices
mgmt_token 1. management token is required to manipulate the acl lists
state whether the ACL pair should be present or absent, defaults to present
  • present
  • absent
type the type of token that should be created, either management or client, defaults to client
  • client
  • management
name the name that should be associated with the acl key, this is opaque to Consul
token the token key indentifying an ACL rule set. If generated by consul this will be a UUID.
rules an list of the rules that should be associated with a given token.
host host of the consul agent defaults to localhost
port the port on which the consul agent is running


Steve Gargan (@sgargan)